Mount Rushmore Facts For Kids – Interesting Facts About Mount Rushmore

mount rushmore facts for kids

Mount Rushmore is a pretty amazing place. When you see it in person it’s even more amazing to see how this natural national monument was created. It was a long process that involved many men working at very high altitudes. The building of Mount Rushmore was very dangerous, but no one was killed during the whole process. It’s a great monument not only to admire and view, but to help teach people about our founding fathers and important historical figures! I am bringing you these Mount Rushmore facts for kids to help people understand more about this wonderful U.S. monument.interesting-mount-rushmore-facts-for-kids

If you have not visited Mount Rushmore nestled in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, you definitely need to check it out! It’s a very affordable family get away and is surrounded by other excellent vacation activities. There are numerous walks and hikes in the immediate area, Interpretive Programs for adults and children, fishing in the Pactrola Reservoir and Sheridan Lake, one of the most popular mountain biking ares in the nation with over 6000 miles in trails and rock climbing. The hills around Mount Rushmore are amazing for climbs ranging from easy to very technical.

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 Mount Rushmore Facts For Kids

Mount Rushmore Question And Answer

I gathered some of the most popular questions I get about Mount Rushmore and created a quick Q and A. This will answer a lot of basic questions, for more interest Mount Rushmore facts for kids, scroll down below this box!

Who Carved Mount Rushmore?

Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum was the person in charge of designing Mount Rushmore. There was a crew of 340 – 400 people carving at any given time.


When Was Mount Rushmore Built?

Mount Rushmore was built started in 1927 and was completed in 1941.

Where Is Mount Rushmore?

Often times I get the question, “What state is Mount Rushmore In?”. I think it’s less known because of the state that it’s in. Mount Rushmore is nestled in the black hills which are located in South Dakota.

What City Is Mount Rushmore In?

It’s actually not directly in any city but has some surrounding towns and cities.

  • Keystone – Keystone is located about 3 miles away from Mount Rushmore
  • Rapid City – Rapid City is about 25 miles away from Mount Rushmore.
  • Deadwood – Deadwood is probably one of the more famous towns in South Dakota, it’s rich gold rush history inspired a series on HBO. It’s about 32 miles away.
where is mount rushmore picture

Mount Rushmore Is Located In The South West Corner Of South Dakota.

What Presidents Are On Mount Rushmore?

  • George Washington – Our first president
  • Theodore Roosevelt – Our 26th president
  • Thomas Jefferson – Our 3rd president
  • Abraham Lincoln – Our 16th president

How Tall Is Mount Rushmore?

Mount Rushmore stands approximately 500 feet tall!

Mount Rushmore Facts For Kids

Interesting and Fun Facts About Mount Rushmore

Quick And Amazing Mount Rushmore Facts For Kids


♦ The 4 presidents on Mount Rushmore were all put there for a reason, check out why.

George Washington – Our first president and considered the founder of our country. President Washington laid down the ground work for what we know today as democracy. He led his countryman to the American Revolution to win freedom against Great Britain. For his accomplishments he is the most prominent face on Mount Rushmore.mount rushmore picture

Abraham Lincoln – George Washington is probably the most prominent, but Abraham Lincoln is probably slightly more recognizable. President Lincoln was the glue that kept our nation together during one of it’s most trying periods, the Civil War. He was behind the abolishing of slavery which was probably his biggest accomplishment as the 16th president of the United States.

Theodore Roosevelt – President Roosevelt became our 26th president and brought the right kind of leadership our country needed as the century turned. We were experience quick growth as a country from an economic standpoint and President Roosevelt was there to guide us. He was one of the reasons the Panama Canal was built, connecting the east to west. He also helped eliminate corporate monopolies and was a strong advocate for the common working man.

Thomas Jefferson – He put together and wrote the document that not only inspires democracy in our country, but around the world. Writing the declaration of independence is a pretty big accomplishment which definitely made our third president a strong candidate to have his face engraved on Mount Rushmore.

♦ Roosevelt was the most controversial of the presidents chosen to be displayed on Mount Rushmore. He died only 8 years before the construction began.

♦ Mount Rushmore is named after Charles E. Rushmore who was an Attorney in New York City. He was sent to the Black Hills to check on some titles of property in 1884. Rushmore was shown the giant sculptures and asked what it was going to be called. A near by resident and miner told him it had not been named, but they would start calling it Rushmore.mount rushmore picture facts for kids

♦ Jefferson’s face was actually a huge do over. Sculpter Gutzon Borglum actually had him to Washington’s right, but after a year and a half of carving he changed his mind and blew Jefferson off the mountain and move him to Washington’s left.

♦ The price to put together Mount Rushmore is probably not nearly as much as you might think. It was actually under 1 million dollars, $989,992.32 was the grand total. If you adjust for inflation in 2009 it would be closer to 14.4 million. The government ended up paying around 84 percent of all the costs.

♦ There was actually very little chiseling. The faces were so large the only way to successfully carve them was with blasts of dynamite. They removed 450,000 tons of granite with dynamite to form Mount Rushmore.

♦ Ironically enough, there are no fireworks shot off on the 4th of July, which is surprising considering what it stands for. They actually shoot off fireworks on July 3rd. This is so that the surrounding towns and cities can have their own successful firework shows.

♦ The average workers salary on Mount Rushmore was .45 to .75 cents an hour. Talk about some affordable labor. The chief carver Luigi Del Bianco was paid $1.50 an hour.

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Want To Visit Mount Rushmore?

Mount Rushmore Travel Information


If your considering Mount Rushmore for travel, you have made a great choice. Mount Rushmore makes a great family vacation spot, but it’s not just fun to go see this amazing monument. There are a lot of fun things to do in the surrounding areas!facts about mount rushmore picture

  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Biking
  • Camping
  • Prospecting
  • Rock Climbing
  • Spelunking
  • Hot Springs

Get more information below on how you can get to Mount Rushmore!

Mount Rushmore Facts For Kids



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