King Cobra Facts For Kids Interesting Facts About King Cobras

king cobra facts for kids

King Cobra Facts For Kids

Interesting Facts About King Cobras

Wow, I have had such an amazing time researching and learning about king cobras so that I could share it with you! These king cobra facts for kids are pretty interesting. I’m excited to share with you all the interesting facts about king cobras.

The King Cobra is a very large snake, it’s the worlds longest venomous snakes as a matter of fact. They mostly reside in the forests of Southeast Asia through India. They’re colors can range and are comfortable in water, land or trees. They rarely attack humans, but when confronted stand their bodies up almost as tall as a person to defend themselves.

I’m pretty excited to share some amazing King cobra facts for kids. They are pretty amazing animals, and I think there is probably a lot you don’t know. So enjoy the facts about king cobras below!

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King Cobra Facts For Kids

Interesting Facts About King Cobras

King Cobra Fast Facts
Scientific Name – Ophiophagus hannah
Rank- Species
Type- Reptile
Diet- Carnivore
Average Life Span In Wild – 20 Years
Size – 13 feet long (4 m)
Weight – up to 20 pounds (9 kg)
Typical Size Compared To A Human king cobra facts for kids size

Interesting Facts About King Cobras

King Cobra Facts For Kids

Here is the part of the article you came for. Below are some of the most amazing and interesting facts about the king cobra. The king cobra was a lot of fun to research and I am positive that there is some great information that you probably did not know below. Check out these amazing king cobra facts for kids!
King Cobra Facts For Kids


♦ The King Cobra is the worlds largest venomous snake and can reach lengths as long as 18 feet!

♦ King cobras eat other snakes, including venomous ones.interesting facts about king cobras

♦ Although their venom is not the most potent, they can administer a lot of it in one bite. The amount that they are able to release can kill 20 humans or even an elephant.

♦ A king cobra can control the amount of venom they release with a single bite. If they do not plan on eating it, they rarely will bit with their venom.

♦ Along their belly they have scales that are very soft to the touch. They have fangs that are very sharp and turn inward. The appearance of the king cobra is very intimidating, they look fierce and intense.

♦ The king cobra has one of the longest forked tongues in the snake kingdom.

♦ They have special receptors in their mouth that helps their tongue decide what they want to eat. They can taste and smell with the tongue and these receptors, they know whether they want to eat the subject or retreat from it.

♦ The king cobra is one of the very few snakes that has excellent vision, they can spot aking cobra pictures prey up to 300 feet away.

♦ They are incredibly aggressive snakes and give off hissing sounds that can almost be described as a dog growling. When they get ready to strike they stand up and hold their heads up high.

♦ The Pain from a king cobra bite is extremely painful. It’s necessary to seek medical attention immediately.

♦ The reason most humans get bit is because of their large striking radius. They can strike a human very quickly that is up to 7 feet away. They are fast and agile and can be on you before you know it.

♦ King cobras may only bite once, but they are also known to bite over and over in just a matter of seconds.

♦ The King cobra is endangered, mainly because of loss of habitat. They are also seeked as pets even though they are illegal in most areas because of the risk of bite. This makes them more attractive to some and go for high prices on the black market.

♦ They are the only known snake to actually build a nest for their eggs. Once the eggs are laid by the mother, she very aggressively guards them.

♦ When a king cobra baby hatches they are around 14 inches long. The mother leaves the nest and the baby snakes are instantly self sufficient. They are about as thick as your little finger and produce venom that is just as potent as the adults.

King Cobra Facts For Kids

Cool King Cobra Stuff!


King Cobra Facts For Kids

Interesting Facts About King Cobras

One of the things that the king cobra is most famous for is being charmed. In India you will find snake charmers playing flutes to charm a king cobra to rise out of a basket or case.  Although it is a neat trick, they do not hear like humans do. They are more likely following the motions that are being made by the charmer, not really the sounds.

Charmers also typically handle the snake, they claim the snake is in a hypnotized state and is the reason they don’t strike. The truth is that most King Cobras want to strike and if handled correctly wont feel threatened.

Check out the video below of a snake being charmed!

King Cobra Facts For Kids

Interesting King Cobra Charming Video

Check out this video that shows how a charmer charms
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King Cobra Facts For Kids

Interesting Facts About King Cobras

I hope you enjoyed learning about the king cobra today. They truly are a wondrous creature and deserve to be learned about. I know it’s not the kind of animal that would be very fun to run into in real life, but they are still a lot of fun to learn about.

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King Cobra Facts For Kids


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    – King cobras are the only snakes to eat other snakes, including venomous ones.

    This is not true. There are numerous snakes who eat other snakes; for example, the California King snake (non-venomous) is known to regularly feast on the rattle snake (venomous). This is just one example of another species of snakes that eat other snakes, and that’s not the only snake known to eat other snakes.

    I’m just advising so that perhaps you can fix this error.



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