Earth Day Facts For Kids Interesting Facts About Earth Day

earth day facts for kids

Earth Day Facts For Kids

Interesting Facts About Earth Day For Kids

I have always been fascinated with this beautiful planet that we call home! What better way to make awareness and promote green living than having a national awareness day about our Earth.  I live in an area full of beautiful mountains, streams, and lakes and every summer it still baffles me to see it polluted and full of liter.  The more people that are aware of this amazing nationally celebrated day the better!  This is one of the reasons I wanted to bring you some fun Earth Day facts for kids. I’m excited to share with you some fun and helpful ways to take part and participate in Earth Day this year!   Grab parents, grandparents, teachers or friends and help make a difference this year!

Earth Day Facts For Kids

Interesting Facts About Earth Day For Kids

Although earth day began in the 1970’s it did not go global until the 90’s.  It was started as a day to promote education about environmental issues.  Now that it is celebrated globally it is common to for it to be celebrated for an entire week!  A whole seven days  focused on green awareness and preserving our beautiful planet!  We owe this Celebration of earth day to Senator Gaylord Nelson.  He was a advocate of environmental issues and increasing the awareness of protecting the environment.  Nelson struggled in the 60’s and early 70’s when environmental issues were nearly non existent, but didn’t give up!  When reaching out to congress wasn’t enough he went to the public!  And boy did he have a turn out over 20 million Americans participated!  Due to the overwhelming response it contributed to help generate political attention pertaining to the environment.

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earth day facts for kids happy earth day

Interesting Earth Day Facts For Kids

Earth Day Facts For Kids

Here is what you came here for! Let’s take a look at some fun Earth Day facts for kids!
Earth Day Facts For Kids


♦April 22, 1970 was the first Earth Day celebrated.

♦ Earth Day originated in the United States in the 70,s but was not celebrated worldwide until 1990!

♦ Gaylord Nelson was the founder of Earth day all while he was working as a US Senator.

♦ In 2009 the UN re-named Earth Day to International Mother Earth Day.interesting facts about earth day for kids

♦ Every Year on April 22, Men, women, children, come together planting trees, picking up garbage, or even just promoting a healthy planet.  All trying to help our plant have a better future.

♦ It is common for schools or even entire communities to celebrate it for an entire week!

♦ In 2011 28 million trees were planted in Afghanistan

♦ In 2012 more that 100,00 people in china road bikes to help save fuel and reduce co2 emissions.

♦ A name I’m glad the didn’t go with but was considered for Earth Day was “The National Environment Teach-In” Earth Day has a much better ring!

♦ Earth Day is a worldwide celebrated holiday! It teaches environmental awareness in 121 countries!

♦ In 1995 President Clinton presented Senator Nelson the Presidential Medal of Freedom for the founding of Earth Day.

♦ The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) does lot’s of different things to back and support Earth Day. They ask participants to try and complete 5 Eco-friendly activities and photograph the projects.

♦ A bell made of coins donated by school children is rang by the United Nations on Earth day to celebrate and promote world peace.

♦ There are over 22,000 partners and 192 countries involved with the Earth Day network!

♦ In 1995 President Clinton presented Senator Nelson the Presidential Medal of Freedom for the founding of Earth Day.

Earth Day Facts For Kids

Cool Earth Day Stuff!

Earth Day Facts For Kids

More Facts About Earth Day For Kids


  • Above were some Earth Day facts for kids. Right now, I want to give you some facts that should help raise Earth Day awareness. The facts I’m about to give you aren’t about Earth day in particular, but they will hopefully help people see the need to support Earth Day.
  • In one year, there are over 100 billion pieces of junk mail delivered.
  • There were over 166 million tons of paper, glass, metals, plastic and organic materials burned or buried in landfills in the U.S. last year.can recycling cycle facts for kids
  • The entire process of recycling an aluminum can is about 6 weeks. That involves, manufacturing, filling, selling, recycling and re-manufacturing.
  • Over half of the worlds temperate and tropical forests are now gone.
  • Indoor and outdoor air pollution help contribute to more than 2 million deaths in the world every year.
  • In the United States nearly 200 billion beverage containers are purchased. Two thirds of those containers are littered, incinerated or land filled.
  • There are about 3.1 million jobs out there that can thank recycling, reuse and re manufacturing!
  • We could save over 406 megatons of carbon dioxide equivalent every year by simply reducing our waste by 1%, recycling  and composting 90% of our discards. This could be accomplished by 2030 and would be the same as powering down 21% of the nations coal fired power plants.

Earth Day Facts For Kids

Amazing Earth Day Video!

Here is a fantastic video that can definitely help raise awareness about Earth Day. The more people understand how much trouble our planet is in, the better!
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Earth Day Facts for Kids Conclusion

Thanks to Gaylord Nelson and support from millions of  fellow Americans, we now have a day dedicated to our amazing planet!   It is never to early to start getting kids involved in Earth day!  There are so many opportunities to learn about this important day and make the necessary changes in our daily lives to make a difference for the children of tomorrow!  Thank you so much for taking time to read about Earth Day facts for kids.

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Learn about one of the most beautiful places in the world, and why supporting Earth day is truly worth it!

Earth Day facts for kids.


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