Wolverine Facts For Kids Interesting Facts About Wolverines For Kids

wolverine facts for kids

Wolverine Facts For Kids

Interesting Facts About Wolverines For Kids

I have always been fascinated with wolverines. This is one of the reasons I wanted to bring you some fun wolverine facts for kids. I’m excited to share with you some interesting facts about wolverines today. I have included a section below about the X-Men character Wolverine as well!

I live in an area where they roam, but are very uncommon. I have never actually seen one in the wild, but always fear the day I do. I have heard many stories about how fierce and aggressive these little animals are. I am in the woods a lot, and I seem to be more scared to run into one of these guys than a big bear or cougar. Typically with any of the bigger animals I will see them coming, or they will see me coming. With a wolverine, it seems possible that I could sneak up on one and scare it.

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There is part of me that wants to see one in the wild, but another larger part that would probably just rather not.

If you are here for the mutant comic book character Wolverine, keep scrolling down. I have included a section dedicated to talking about the X-men character.

Alright, I’m done rambling; you have come here for some wolverine facts for kids. Check out some of the quick facts below, and even further down are some amazing and interesting facts about wolverines for kids. I hope you find these little but fierce animals as fascinating as I have!

Wolverine Facts For Kids

Interesting Facts About Wolverines For Kids

interesting facts about wolverines for kids

Wolverine Fast Facts
Scientific Name – Gulo gulo
Rank- Species
Type- Mammal
Diet- Omnivore
Average Life Span In Wild – 7-12 Years
Size – Body – Head and body, 26 to 34 in (66 to 86 cm); Tail, 7 to 10 in (18 to 25 cm)
Weight – 24 to 40 lbs (11 to 18 kg)
Typical Size Compared To A Humanwolverine facts for kids size of wolverine

Interesting Wolverine Facts For Kids

Wolverine Facts For Kids

Here is what you came here for! I want to share with you some interesting and amazing facts about wolverines. Some of these wolverine facts for kids will blow your mind. These little ferocious critters are fairly unknown, and I am excited to share as much info about them with you as I can!
Wolverine Facts For Kids


♦ Most commonly you will find a wolverines fur to be a blackish brown color, with lighter brown stripes down the sides. It’s fur serves several purposes. It’s very long and dense, and can resist water. Wolverines are very commonly in cold climates, and this can help keep them warm in the harsh cold winters they must endure.

♦ A wolverine has very strong limbs combined with a stocky build and large head. They have small ears and a short tail. They are equipped to travel through heavy snow, with large claws and pads.fun wolverine facts for kids

♦ They use their beak to grab and peel fruit, which is their top source of food. The beak also houses a long flat tongue that is about the same length as the beak. This tongue helps them catch small reptiles, frogs, insects and even some small bird eggs.

♦ Wolverines are found in the northern parts of Europe, Asia and North America. They typically roam in remote areas, almost always places that are uninhabited by man.

♦ They are omnivores and feed on carcasses that bears and wolves leave behind. They are even known to take down a weak or sick caribou when they need to. In the summer time they will also feed on edible roots, berries, plants, but their main source of food is always meat, and they travel long distances to get it.

♦ They are a roaming animal and typically will cover a lot of ground. They can cover up to 20 miles in a day, sometimes longer depending how hungry they are.

♦ The wolverine resembles a little bear, but is actually a large rodent. It’s part of the weasel family. Which makes sense if you think about it, weasels are small, but known to be mean and aggressive animals.

♦ The wolverine is not a social animal. They are very solitary and prefer to be alone. They are a very aggressive and brave animal. They rarely back down, and never hesitate to take on animals much larger than themselves.

♦ Wolverines have incredible stamina but tend to be terrestrial. They are very powerful swimmers and are incredibly good a climbing. They can travel great distances without breaking rest.

♦ They are known to dig into the snow to find hibernating prey.

♦ Like a bear, the wolverine has fairly bad eyesight. It makes up for it with great smelling and hearing capabilities.

♦ Wolverines are nocturnal, but when in an area where there is either prolonged day or night time, they can switch their sleeping and hunting habits.

♦ A young wolverine will stay with their mother until they are two years of age.

♦ The fierceness and aggressive nature of the wolverine has inspired a comic book character by marvel. The character sports a metal skeleton and can spawn metal claws from the back of his hands. This character is wildly popular in today’s culture. Spawning several movies where he is either the star or one of the primary characters. There have also been many cartoons created around this character. He is notorious for being part of the X-Men.


Wolverine Facts For Kids

Cool Wolverine Stuff!

Marvel’s X-Men Wolverine Facts For Kids

Here are some cool facts about the X-Men Wolverine

xmen wolverine facts

  • Wolverine is a character that was born James Howlett in the comic book. In later installments he was revealed to be born in Northern Alberta, Canada early in the 19th century. He would later take the name Logan.
  • Wolverine has some cool superpowers. He has the sense of the real wolverine. He has incredible hearing and smell. He also has awesome retractable claws.
  • Those are not his only powers; wolverine can also heal any wound rapidly and shield any toxin or disease.
  • Wolverine’s first appearance came in a comic book. He was in the final teaser panel for the Incredible Hulk #180.hugh jackman wolverine facts
  • Wolverine was finally officially introduced in the Incredible Hulk #181. At that time he was only a superhuman agent of the Canadian government.
  • When first introduced in 1974 his costume was blue and yellow, it’s definitely changed quite a bit.
  • Wolverine made his first major appearance in 1975’s Giant size X-men #1. He was originally drawn without a mask and was given his now famous horn like hairstyle. He was first drawn by Gil Kane.
  • From the very beginning, he always had a crush on Jean Grey, Cyclops girlfriend.
  • 1982 was big for Wolverine. He received his very own limited 4-issue comic series that was very simply called “Wolverine”.
  • He was born with bone claws but was later given an adamantium (or an indestructible metal) claws. The metal was grafted to his skeleton.
  • Wolverine is old enough to have helped Captain America in World War 2.
  • Like the animal he is named after, he has a very quick temper and becomes angry easily.
  • Wolverine became a huge part of mainstream media when he stared in an X-Men move in the year 2000. Hugh Jackman has done an excellent job bringing this character to life. He appeared in 3 sequels to X-Men and has starred in 2 wolverine dedicated movies.

Wolverine Facts For Kids Video

Cool video about the wolverine!
Check out this video that shows how a charmer charms
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Wolverine Facts For Kids

Wolverine Interesting Facts Conclusion

The wolverine is a vicious, mean and bold animal. They mostly just wants to be left alone.  If you ever see one in the wild I strongly suggest you walk or run the other way, you do not want to pick a fight with one of these guys. I hope you enjoyed all I had to share about the wolverine. I have learned so many fun wolverine facts for kids, I’m glad I took the time to research and share with you! I hope you found these interesting facts about wolverines as fun as I did! Have an awesome day!

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Wolverine facts for kids.


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