Top Ten Best Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 8-12 Boys And Girls Of 2016

Top Ten Best Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 8-12 Boys And Girls

I put this list together to help parents who are struggling to find something to give their kids for Christmas or any holiday. I know every kid is different so not every list will have the best gift ideas for your kid in particular. Hopefully looking at this list you can see what is coming out and what is popular this year, so you can make a good decision!

This list just got updated for 2016. Check out the best gift ideas for kids for more specific age ranges below! Enjoy!

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top ten best gift ideas for kids 9-12 draw like a pro alex toys

For a child that is in the 8-12 range, you still have a pretty good shot at making them happy! Sometimes the older kids, or when they become teenagers, it is hard to know exactly what to get. The age 8 side of this list is probably a little easier than the 12 side, but they child should be almost into the same stuff between those two ages. Let’s kick off the top ten best gift ideas for kids ages 8-12 boys and girls edition!

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Looking for something for a husband or father?

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If your looking for something besides video games, just keep scrolling. There is plenty on this list for the kids that want to learn!

Top Ten Best Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 8-12 Boys And Girls

Updated for 2016!

1. Video Game Consoles

I hate to say it and I know a lot of parents out there are shaking their heads, but the fact of the matter is that video games are here to stay. If your child does not have the latest and greatest system they will be a little left out. I’m not trying to induce peer pressure here, but it’s just the truth. Just keep in mind that you can set limits on how much and even what games they play.

I’m not going to spend any time actually going over any of the consoles, I’m going to link each one of them to Amazon so you can have a full description with reviews. It will make life much easier!

The next generation of Consoles are coming this holiday season. Do you want to be the coolest parent on the planet? Then land your kids one of these, they will be eternally grateful. They come with a rather hefty price tag, but also do enough to constitute it. Check out the two new ones coming out.


best gift ideas 2013 teenage boy


The feature list on this bad boy is way too expansive for me to try and tell you about. Click on the link below to see all about it’s features and specs at Amazon!

Read Reviews And More Info About The Xbox One Click Here

  • Playstation 4

best gift ideas 2013 teenage boy playstation 4

Again, there are just too many cool features for me to try and cover in this article. I direct you once again to Amazon to read in detail about the Playstation 4.

Read Reviews And More Info About The Playstation 4 Click Here

If you’re kid has not had a chance to check out the current generation of consoles, this is a good time to buy them. Prices on the system and games will be reducing rapidly. Check them out below!

Xbox 360 – Click For More Info

Playstation 3 – Click For More Info

Top Ten Best Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 8-12 Boys And Girls

2.  Tablet

There are a few choices right now for great tablets on the market. Apple and Samsung probably have the best overall on the market. If money is not an issue, you could go with the Apple tablet.

The iPad Air 2 is probably the highest quality tablet on the market right now, but you will also be paying the highest prices for it. If your child or you use iPhone this will likely be the tablet you want to go with. It uses a similar operating system so the interface will be very familiar.  It comes in a few different storage sizes 16, 64, and 128 GB worth of storage. Every model goes  up in price with more storage. The screen size is 9.7 and is truly beautiful in all it’s HD glory. The colors are vibrant and it really brings media to life. You can choose to go with a wifi only model that will hook up to your in home wifi connection or other hotspots. Or you can get a model that is compatible with one of the major cellular carriers to sign up for a data plan. This will grant data usage available to wherever that cellulars coverage area is. The wifi only model is a little bit cheaper as you will pay a little more for the option of getting data on the tablet. There is a similar model called the iPad mini that boasts a 7.9 inch screen but the other specifications are mostly the same.

Click Here To See Price And More For iPad Air 2

You can check out the iPad mini 2 as well. It has the same punch as the air, just smaller.

Click Here To See Price And More For iPad Mini 2

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is definitely the biggest competitor to the iPad air. It’s android based, so if you or your child have an android based phone this tablet will be more familiar. The screen comes in different sizes you have a 10.5, and 8.4 inch. The HD screen on the Tab S is also beautiful as it displays HD bright colors. One of the biggest reasons people go with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S is the difference in price you can get a similar tablet for hundreds of dollars cheaper than the iPad air. It only comes with a 32GB model, but has the ability to expand it’s memory up to 128GB with a micro SD slot. A 64GB micro SD slot is about $30, so you get a lot more memory for much cheaper than the iPad air, even if it’s by purchasing a separate memory card. If you want a high end tablet for a more mid range price, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is the tablet your looking for. Click the link below to see price, details and more photos!

Click Here For Price And Reviews For The Tab S

Best Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 8-12 Boys And Girls

3.  RC Helicopters

This one is probably more for boys, but I know my daughter plays with my sons like crazy. Nothing is more fun to a child of this age than playing with an RC flying object. I have to admit, I have picked up the remote and played with it at lengths myself. They are a lot of fun. This is the kind of gift that will never get old, and they will always want to bring it out and show their friends. RC helicopters are definitely popular across the nation right now, your kid will definitely be happy opening one of these up on Christmas morning! Not only will you be an awesome parent, but these typically will only set you back between $20 and $30. Not too shabby!

Click Here To See Which RC Helicopters Are Available

cool gifts for kids 2013 RC Helicopters

Top Ten Best Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 8-12 Boys And Girls

4. Lego Sets

Lego sets will never go out of style. I am amazed that with today’s technology they still manage to have a place in almost every kids room. Parents love them for the nostalgia and kids love to create with them. You can get them in regular sets, or you can get custom sets based on different themes. There is a massive assortment of Lego sets out there right now. Whether your shopping for a boy or a girl, there is something out there for them! Click the links below to check out all the fantastic Lego sets available!

Click Here For Lego Set’s For Girls

best gift ideas for girls age 10-12 lego sets

Click Here For Lego Sets For Boys

best gift ideas for boys age 10-12 lego sets

Top Ten Best Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 8-12 Boys And Girls

5. Alex Toys Do It Yourself Kits

This is probably leaning a little more toward the girls side, but there are some boy stuff you can find with Alex Toys. You will find kits where you can learn to make crafts, art projects and other toys and games. They are amazing quality and are really made for learning. Alex Toys are always on my radar when I shop for my kids. One of the more awesome Alex Toys kits my kids liked draw like a pro station. It projects pictures onto paper with light, then the kids can draw them. You can use different objects to make incredible scenes. My daughter played on this for hours at a time, she loved it! Check it out!

Alex Toys Draw Like A Pro Click For More Info

best gift ideas for kids 9-12 draw like a pro alex toys

Check out the other Alex Toys kits by clicking here!

Best Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 8-12 Boys And Girls

6. Ucreate Music

Have a musical child that loves to sing or make music? Then this is the right present for them! This allows them to create surprisingly good quality music themselves.  Wit your help, it even allows them to upload the music to the ucreate website and share with friends, which is pretty cool! This is the perfect gift for the kid that thinks they are going to make it big in the music industry! And it’s a lot of fun for the parents to play around with. Perfect for boys and girls alike!

Click For Reviews And More Info!

best gift ideas for kids 9-12 ucreate music

Top Ten Best Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 8-12 Boys And Girls

8. Password Journal

What little girl in the right mind would not want a password journal. A journal that can only be opened when a secret word is spoken. How cool! This is especially important when there are brothers and sisters around. Now they can keep their journal private in the most cool way! This is guaranteed to be a HUGE hit, and a perfect present or stocking stuffer!

Click Here To see Reviews And Read More About Password Journal!

best gift ideas for kids 9-12 password journal

Top Ten Best Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 8-12 Boys And Girls

8.  Razor electric scooter

Electric scooters are HOT right now. To meet the consumer demand, I decided to go ahead and write an ultimate guide on electric scooters. I compare all the top rated electric scooters and provide reviews so you can see which one is best for your child. Check out the link below!

Best Electric Scooters For Kids – Comparison Chart

I have been seeing kids zipping around the neighborhood in these. I finally decided to get my kids a pair of these for Christmas this year. They are a lot of fun, and my kids love them. They were given a chance to try them the other day when our neighbors were showing them off. They are for kids 8 years and older and can hold up to 120 pounds. They only get up to 10 MPH and last for up to 40 minutes on a charge. They are actually pretty awesome, and should be considered as a Christmas present for a girl or a boy. They come in multiple colors!

See Reviews And Product Info On the Razor Electric Scooter Click Here!

best gift ideas for kids 9-12 razor electric scooter

Top Ten Best Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 8-12 Boys And Girls

9. Amazon Gift Card

I know a lot of people might consider this a boring gift. That’s just not true. It’s not easy picking out gifts sometimes, what better for a kid then to get to spend $100 on Amazon? That’s just the best! I did this last year for one of my kids because they couldn’t decide between a few different items. They LOVED getting on the computer and picking out their own gift. Ya, they didn’t get it right then and there, but it was a cool experience for them to actually be able to spend the money themselves. Plus the gift cards come in multitudes of cool customizable options. Check it out, click the link below!

Click here to see different Amazon Gift Card Ideas!

best gift ideas for kids 8-12 amazon gift card

Top Ten Best Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 8-12 Boys And Girls


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