Top 20 Most Amazing Creatures You Never Knew Existed!

blue dragon mollusk facts for kids

Top 20 Most Amazing Creatures You Never Knew Existed!

Amazing Creatures You Probably Never Knew Existed

I have always been fascinated by the amazing things that our planet has created. Some of which are rare and are not seen very often. They are not always the most attractive creatures, but they never fail to amaze me! Today, cool facts for kids is bringing you the top 20 most amazing creatures you never knew existed. If you did know about some of these, congrats! Hopefully you get the opportunity today to see some things that you never even knew existed. Enjoy!

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#1. The Panda Ant

Quite an interesting little insect. Obviously called a panda ant because of its color and markings. It’s even furry like a panda bear! These are actually part of the wasp family believe it or not. They pack quite the sting, so watch out!Top 20 amazing creatures panda ant facts for kids

#2. Narwhal

The Narwhal looks like it’s straight out of a fantasy movie. Not something you would actually expect to exist, but it does! It’s long horn sticking out from it’s head gives it the unicorn of the sea moniker!

narwhal facts for kids amazing creatures

#3.  The Blind Snake

This is definitely one of the more creepy things on the list. Something you might expect to see in a horror movie. In all reality, there is really nothing to fear because they are blind. Pretty awesome if you ask me!

blind snake facts for kids

#4. Umbonia Spinosa

This little guy looks like something straight out of an Avatar movie. They have beautiful colors and really stand out. Although much is unknown about these colorful little guys, they are believed to be part of the Cicadas family. They use their tiny little beak to penetrate trees and dine on their sap.

Umbonia Spinosa facts for kids

#5. Lowland Streaked Tenrec

These little guys sure are cute, but watch out! They pack quite the punch because their bodies are covered in barbs. They are found in Madagascar, which is a pretty amazing place for interesting animal life.

Lowland Streaked Tenrec facts for kids

#6. Hummingbird Hawk-Moth

These little guys look a little strange, but they are just an insect feeding on plants.

hummingbird-hawk-moth-facts for kids

#7. The Blue Dragon Mollusk

These amazing creatures have a couple of nick names. They go by sea swallow, sea slug and even blue ocean slug. None quite as cool as the blue dragon though! They grow up to 3 cm big and move around on the bottom of South African and European waters.

blue dragon mollusk facts for kids

#8. Shoebill Bird

These look like something straight out of Jurassic Park! They are giant birds that almost look fake. If I didn’t know better, I would say this was some kind of movie prop or something. They can get up to 3 and a half to 4 and a half feet tall! They also have a very unique bill that makes them easy to identify and amazingly unique! They are found in the dense marshes and wetlands of central Africa.

shoebill bird facts for kids

#9. Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Not much is known about this adorable moth because it remains fairly unstudied. But one thing is certain, they are the cutest moth I have ever seen!!!

Venezuelan Poodle Moth facts for kids

#10. Giant Isopod

These guys are pretty gross, and I’m pretty sure I saw a couple of them in the new King Kong movie. Giant bugs out of your worst nightmares! In all honesty these are pretty cool and are so big because of deep sea gigantism.

giant isopod facts for kids

#11. Saiga Antelope

The first thing you will notice about this strange creature is it’s long flexible nose. This is what makes it look completely different than other Antelopes.  Due to hunting and loss of habitat it’s on the severely endangered species list. Head on over the the WWF site to see what conservation efforts are being made, and to learn more! Click here for the WFF page on Saiga Antelopes. Thank you!

saiga antelope facts for kids

#12. Bush Viper

I love this little guy! He would be so cool as a pet, if for nothing else, to scare  your friends! It’s one of the smallest snake species, but definitely one of the coolest. I love how it’s scales almost come off it’s body like feathers. Pretty cool creature!

bush viper facts for kids

#13. Blue Parrotfish

The blue parrotfish is huge, and no wonder, it spends 80% of it’s time searching for food! It looks pretty happy with the huge smile on it’s face! Sort of a silly look fish, if you ask me.

blue parrotfish facts fo rkids

#14. Indian Purple Frog

This gross looking frog is only above ground for about 2 weeks out of the year, must be a pretty boring life!

Indian purple frog facts for kids

#15. Thorny Dragon

This little guy is a lizard that resides in the deserts of Australia. They are also called thorny devils and can live up to 20 years!

Thorny Dragon Devil facts for kids

#16. Sea Pig

These guys have suction cups for legs and are just generally gross looking. You won’t have to worry though, the Sea Pig resides way too deep for anyone to actually be able to see one without a submarine. Unless your deep sea diving, you probably won’t have a run in with a Sea Pig.

sea pig facts for kids

17. Red-Lipped Batfish

Yes, the red lipped batfish. Not the caped crusader of the ocean, but it looks like it’s wearing lipstick! This neat little fish is found around the Galapagos Islands around 30 meters or more deep. Pucker up, he’s ready for a kiss!

red lipped batfish facts for kids

#18. Okapi

Yes, the Okapi, half Zebra half horse, right? Wrong. It’s actually a part of the giraffe family, who knew! You can find one in the Congo in Africa. Not what you would expect, but definitely a very cool animal!

okapi facts for kids

#19. The Pacu Fish

Yes, that’s a fish with human like teeth. Very creepy. But also very cool. This fish has the jawline and teeth of a human and it’s strange to see. They resemble a piranha, but don’t have the sharp teeth.

Hooked IV: Vampire Fish NGC-US: Ep. Code 4255

#20. The Mantis Shrimp

These colorful critters are pretty cool! They have a few different nicknames, sea locust, prawn killers and thumb splitters. They get as big as 38 cm, which is actually pretty large for a shrimp!

Mantis Shrimp (Odontodactylus scyllarus)


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