Mesmerizing And Fun Slow Motion Videos Of Every Day Stuff

Mesmerizing And Fun Slow Motion Videos Of Every Day Stuff

slow motion on every day objects

Prepare to stare at your computer screen in awe as you watch these every day things in slow motion. It was actually hard for me to put this article together, I kept just staring at the random slow motion videos. I have added them on a loop so you can see them all as you scroll. You may be spending some time here as these videos are hard to look away from . From popcorn popping in slow motion to a bullet smashing in slow motion to a match strike in slow motion, this post has a little bit of everything!

Slow Motion Videos of Every Day Stuff

Alright, are you ready to see some pretty neat stuff in slow motion? Good, this is going to be a lot of fun. Grab a drink and a snack and prepare your eyes to blown away!

Bullet Smashing In Slow Motion

Bullets travel so fast, it’s fun to see what it looks like when it slamming against a wall.

Golf Ball Being Hit In Slow Motion

This one really caught me off guard. I had no idea that a golf  ball had so much give when hit. It looks like a water balloon the way it’s bouncing around!

Honey Bees In Slow Motion

This one is actually kind of funny. It shows some honey bees flying around in slow motion, when the most unfortunate thing happens!

Key Unlocking In Slow Motion

This one is neat not just because it’s in slow motion, but it also shows you what goes on inside a lock when the key is inserted. Pretty neat!

Light Traveling Through a Coke Bottle

Okay, this one is actually really, REALLY cool. You are actually witnessing a ray of light traveling through an empty bottle of Coke. To capture this they actually had to slow down to a trillion frames per second. There is some serious science at work here, and I strongly advise that you check out their website to see more of their work as well as an explanation of how the heck they accomplished this! It’s pretty amazing!

Click Here To Read More!


Lighter Being Lit In Slow Motion

How about we go for round two on lighters being lit? Check out the butane lighter being lit below!


Lightning In Slow Motion

Lightning is one of mother natures most fierce and awe inspiring acts. Most people love watching a lightning storm. Usually the lightning is coming down so fast, we can’t usually get a really good look at it. Here is your chance to see lightning striking in slow motion.

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Here is another shot of lightning in slow motion.


Man Flapping Lips In Slow Motion

Not much to say here…

Match Strike In Slow Motion

It’s pretty neat watch a match being lit in slow motion.

Monk Throwing A Needle Through Glass In Slow Motion?

Yep, you read that right. Again, not much to say here, just watch.

Popcorn Popping In Slow Motion

This is probably one of my favorites on the entire list. Watching popcorn pop in slow motion is just positively mesmerizing.

Slinky Being Dropped In Slow Motion

This actually kind of blew my mind. The physics behind this is pretty interesting. Watch the two slow motion slinky drops below, then watch the video to get the full explanation as to why the slinky seems to hover.


TV Getting Smashed In Slow Motion

No science to explanation needed here, just a TV getting smashed. Fun to watch though!


Water Dropping In Sand In Slow Motion

This one is really neat because there is so much going on for such a seemingly insignificant action. Without looking at it in slow motion and up close, you would never think all that was going on. Very cool to see!

Water Balloon Popping In Slow Motion

This water balloon had a lot of water in it before finally giving way. I’m not sure which part is more fun to watch, the look on the guys face or the actual water balloon popping.

Drum Symbol Being Hit In Slow Motion

It would appear that something was put on the symbol to add some dramatic effect. I’m okay with that though, it made it pretty cool!

Arisol Can Being Smashed In Slow Motion

This is pretty cool. Someone took an axe to an arison can just to see what would happen. They also filmed it for us in slow motion, thanks guys!


Bald Eagle Fishing In Slow Motion

Bald eagles are pretty majestic, seeing something like this is pretty special. Seeing it slowed down in slow motion, way better!

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Cat Jumping In Slow Motion

I’m sure after this cat gets more exposure, he may be offered a contract in the NBA! This kitty has hops!


Egg Smashing In Mouse Trap In Slow Motion

This is a little weird, but also pretty cool. Check out the egg being smashed by a… mouse trap?

Frog Jumping Across Water In Slow Motion

This one is kind of funny. You can tell how fast the frog is going, even in slow motion, the frog is still moving pretty fast!

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Well, that’s all we have for now. It was a lot of fun looking all these up and making this post. I had to tear my eyes away from these loops a few times just to make sure I finished the article. My daughter was helping me find these, we had a blast looking them all up.

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