Little Blue Penguin Facts For Kids – Fun Facts About Little Blue Penguin

Little Blue Penguin Facts For Kids

Fun Facts About Little Blue Penguin

little blue penguin facts for kids

Today were going to go over some fun little blue penguin facts for kids! I hope we can have some fun with these fun facts about the little blue penguin. The little blue penguin is also known as the fairy penguin, due to it’s petite size. I’m excited to bring you some fun fairy penguin facts for kids. I love exploring animals that are less known. The little blue or fairy penguin is one of those animals, information can be hard to find, but I look forward to the challenge!

Fun Little Blue Penguin Facts For Kids

The little blue penguin are found in a relatively small area across the world. They can be found in Southern Australia and all around New Zealand. They have also been found around Chile and Tasmania, but that was in very small numbers.

Since the fairy penguin is so small, they don’t need too much food every day. They do feed on squid, krill and smaller varieties of fish. They are more likely to hunt inshore as long as there is enough food to supply them. The less food available, the further off shore they will wander to find food.

little blue penguin breeding map

This map shows where the little blue penguin can be found.

Little Blue Penguin Fast Facts
Scientific Name -Eudyptula minor
Kingdom- Animalia
Type- Bird
Diet- Carnivore
Average Life Span – 7 Years Old Can Live To 20
Size – Up to 13 inches tall
Weight – Up to 3 pounds

Fun Facts About Little Blue Penguin For Kids

Alright, it’s the part of the article you have been waiting for! Let’s take a look at some fun little blue penguin facts for kids!

Real quick, before we jump over to the facts about the fairy penguin for kids, take a look at the article below. A couple of days ago a little blue penguin was found stuck in a stormwater drain in the inner western Sydney suburb of Haberfield.

It turned out to be a happy ending, but check out the full story by clicking the link below. See the fairy penguin and it’s rescuer in the photo below!

Click here to read the story about the little blue penguin rescued in Australia.

little penguin rescued in australia

RSPCA NSW Inspector Tyson Hohlein helps the little penguin recover.
Photo Supplied By: RSPCA


Little Penguin Facts For Kids

♦ The little blue penguin is the smallest species of penguin that exists.

♦ They have a couple other nicknames, fairy penguin, little blue penguin, little penguin or just blue penguin.

♦ It’s one of the few species of penguin to be found north of the Antarctic Ocean.

♦ Although not confirmed, there have been reports of finding the little blue penguin in Chile and parts of South Africa.

♦ The little blue penguin received its name from both it’s blue colored feathers and small size.

♦ They have very distinctive markings. Short feathers that are bluish great with a white patch on their underside, they are very easy to spot and recognize.facts-about-little-blue-penguins-babies

♦ They are tiny, but have evolved to make their appearance more intimidating. This is due to being the only penguin species that is under threat from land based mammalian predators.

♦ They survive on a diet of meat only, all consisting of small marine animals. They eat squid, small fish, krill and small crustaceans.

♦ Dogs, cats and foxes are some of the little penguin’s most common predators. They are also hunted by larger marine animals such as, seals, leopard seals sharks, humans and killer whales.

♦ Little penguins are typically faithful to each other and mate for life. Once a year, the female lays 2 eggs into a self dug burrow. Both parents incubate the eggs for just over a month, only one egg usually hatch.

♦ The chicks stay with their parents until they are around 3 months old.

Little Blue Penguin Facts For Kids – Video

Check out he video below of the little blue penguin. It’s a quick but fun video that shows just how neat the little bird are!

Little Blue Penguin Facts For Kids

Fun Facts About Little Blue Penguin Conclusion

Thank you so much for stopping by and learning about these neat little animals. The fairy penguin aren’t found in very man places, but they are really neat to learn about. I’m hoping that these little blue penguin facts for kids, helped you learn a little about them. Make sure to share this page and let all your friends know what you learned about the fairy penguin.

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Little Blue Penguin Facts For Kids


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