Soccer Facts For Kids – Fun Facts About Soccer For Kids

 Soccer Facts For Kids

Soccer Facts For Kids

Thanks for stopping by! I’m excited today to bring you some fun soccer facts for kids! Soccer or Fùtbol every where else, is the most popular sport across the globe. American football seems to be the most popular in the U.S. right now, but soccer seems to be the most popular world wide.

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Fun Basketball Games For Kids – Free Basketball Games Online

best basketball games for kids

Fun Basketball Games For Kids

Free Basketball Games Online

Thank you for stopping by today! I love the sport of basketball, and by you being here I’m assuming that you do too! Today I’m going to bring you to a directory of sorts that points you out to all the fun basketball games for kids online. Some of them are going to be free basketball games online, but some of them are going to be real basketball games along with all other kinds of basketball games. I’m going to do my best to cover everything I can under the term “basketball game”. So if you don’t see what you are looking for keep scrolling, your bound to come across it at some point. I’m going to start with fun basketball games for kids with free basketball games online.

Fun Basketball Games For Kids

Free Basketball Games Online

basketball games online

If you want some fun basketball games for kids that are online and free you have come to the right spot. I’m going to show you some of my favorite so you can start hooping online right now! You can click over to any of the sights below to start playing the games!


Agames has a pretty wide assortment of flash styles games. There is everything from dribbling to shooting, but they are all free basketball games online. Click the link below to check them out!


Miniclip is a little bit like the first place, they have some cool flash games available. The best one in my opinion is the urban style game. I’m linking you over to the sports section of their site so you can scope out all the best basketball games for kids at their site.


Y8 is another website that hosts flash games for free, all you have to do is head on over and check them out!  They have a nice assortment of games as well, everything from 2 on 2 to 5 on 5 to shooting and dribbling. There is plenty here for anyone to enjoy!


Did you know that ESPN had a section on their site for arcade style games? Well, they do! They have some really cool arcade style basketball games for you to try. If you have an ESPN account, they keep track of leaders and there is a point system which can make it a lot more engaging. Go ahead and check it out!

Those are some of the best arcade style games you can play online. But let’s face it, you get what you pay for. Those games are fun for a few minutes, but the real fun comes from legitimate games you can play online. Check out the online basketball game that are not just free below.


free basketball games online

If you really want an authentic basketball experience you can’t really look anywhere but at the NBA2k experience. They have created the most realistic and fun basketball game for kids on the market, and the best part is you can play online with an internet connection. This is what makes this game so special, it never get’s old if you really love the game of basketball.  Go ahead and click below to see how much this game costs and see how you can get a copy for yourself!

Click Here To See NBA2k

Fun Basketball Games For Kids

Great Basketball Game Products

If you are a coach, parent or even a player there are things out there that can make you better at the game of basketball. These products are not free, but you always get what you pay for in this world. If you are serious about playing the game of basketball and getting better, playing games online is not going to cut it. If your looking for real basketball games to play on the court, you can just scroll past this. But if you know someone that wants to get better whether it’s your team or your kid, you are going to want to see what products are available below. These are the kinds of things that will make your child better. Check them out now.

Boost Basketball

This is a program that is created by someone who really knows the sport. They also know what it takes to help your kid get to that next level with basketball training. He is just a parent like you possibly are, and wants to help you and your kid reach new levels with the game. I personally purchased this program for my son and he is going through the program right now. He has already made incredible strides in his game. Unfortunately we all can’t afford to hire that personal coach, and this program is the next best thing. Take your kids basketball skills to the next level with boost basketball. Whether your a player, coach or parent, click below to watch his video for free!

Click Here To Watch The Free Boost Basketball Video

Well Prepared Coach

If your coaching basketball and feel a little lost at times, no worries every coach has been there. A product has been created to help you get organized and show you  the ins and outs of being a well prepared coach. This product will show you how to prepare your team and help them win. It comes with a complete plan from the beginning of the season all the way through the end. If you are coaching basketball, you need to see this.

Click Here To Become A Well Prepared Coach

Vert Shock Vertical Leap Program

Parents, one of the best gifts you can give your kids is athletic ability. If you can give them the skills combined with the athletic ability, nothing in the world will stop them from playing at the next level. This program is labeled as a vertical leap program, but it’s more than that. It doesn’t just increase their jump, it helps their speed, strength and overall basketball stamina. It’s all around good. Just go ahead and click on over to take a look, once you see what they are offering you won’t want to keep this away from your kids.

Click Here To See Vert-Shock Now!

Best Basketball Games For Kids

Real Basketball Games For kids

fun basketball games for kids online

You might have arrived at this page because you are looking for a more real basketball game experience. You want to look for some real basketball games for kids that you can play outside and get them engaged. Basketball games are one of the best way to help the kids get better at the sport without them knowing it. They are having so much fun playing these basketball games that they don’t even realize they are improving their game the whole time. Let’s take a look at some fun real basketball games for kids.


Horse is not only an extremely fun basketball game for kids, it’s a classic! I’m sure you already know how to play horse, but just in case you don’t let’s go over the rules real quick. You can play this with as many people as you like. The first person takes a shot and the second person must duplicate that exact same shot. If the first person misses, the next person get’s to pick their own shot. If the first person makes the shot and the second person misses they get assigned an H. The third person would now get to take their own shot since the second person missed. If the second person would have made the shot then the third person would have had to make the same shot. If it get’s all the way back to the first person and everyone makes it, then they get to pick a new shot to shoot. This continues until someone ends up spelling the word HORSE. You can pick any word to spell, this is just the common word used in the game. You can play PIG if you have less time.

Bonus Rule – You can play with this fun bonus rule. If the person is shooting and only has one letter left, they can pick if they wan to shoot to stay in the game or the person who originally made the shot can be asked to “prove it”. If they shoot and make it, the person loses. If they miss the prove it shot then no letter is assessed and the person stays in the game. Or, the player can simply choose to shoot it themselves. It’s kind of a fun bonus rule.

Around The World

This game is super simple, but really helps improve shooting in pressure type situations. The rules are pretty simple. You designate 8 spots on the court, typically around the 3 point arc or to make it easier around the key and free throw line. You can play with as many people as you like for this game as well. The first person simply takes a shot from the first spot you designated if they make it they move on to spot 2. They then shoot from spot 2, if they make that shot the move on to spot 3 and so on. They keep moving until they miss. When they miss they now get the option to stay at  their spot and wait for their next turn, or the can take a second shot. If they take their second shot and make it, they keep moving. If they miss their second shot they must go to the beginning of the game. Back to spot one. You can move to all 8 spots and call it good, or you can come all the way back again. This part of the game is kind of up to you!

Firing Squad

This is kind of like around the world, but a little more fast paced. In this game, all players are shooting at the same time. They must shoot their ball and collect their rebound. They only advance upon making the shot. They keep shooting from each spot until someone makes it from the final spot, this person is the winner.

Lightning Or Knockout

You only need 2 people for this game, but the more you have the better. Everyone playing get’s in a line starting at the free thrown line or at the three point line, wherever you want to be shooting from. They line single file all facing the hoop, so the line will go toward the other end of the court. The first person in line takes their shot, if the ball goes in they advance to the back of the line. The second person shoots right after them. If the first person misses they have an opportunity to get their rebound and make a basket from anywhere on the court. If the second person that shoots ball goes in before the first person, then the first person is knocked out of the game. You always want to get your ball in the hoop as fast as you can or before the guy behind you does. In some versions you are allowed to bump the ball with your ball to mess up the other person, but in the more popular version you can’t touch the other players ball on purpose.


This is one of the most fun basketball games for kids, the low score wins, just like in golf! You can play with as many as you wish, each kid takes turns starting at the free throw line. The first player shoots, if they make it they get 1 point. If they miss they must shoot from wherever they rebounded the ball if they make the second shot their score is 2. But if they miss the second shot rebound and make the third they are now a 3. I would set a cap on how many they can get up to, say 6. Once they get to 6 they just move to the back of the line. If they rebound the ball in an area that is impossible to get a shot off, they have to take a penalty and shoot from the free throw line, like taking a drop in golf. So if on their second shot it goes behind the backboard they would be shooting from the free throw line, but it’s now their 4th shot instead of third. You play this for 9 rounds, or as many rounds as you want. And tally the score at the end. The player with the lowest score wins.

Those are some of the best basketball games for kids, especially if your looking for real basketball games for kids. Hopefully one of these games will work for you and you can show your kid how to have a lot of fun playing this sport. Basketball is taken pretty serious sometimes, its very competitive. To be able to have some fun while playing just might be what your kid needs.

Free Basketball Games Online

Fun Basketball Games For kids

Here are a few products that will not only be fun for your kids but also help them improve their game at home check them out!


fun basketball games for kids

Let’s start with the basics, you want your child to have a good ball. Here is a great ball for indoor and outdoor use.

Click Here For To Get A Basketball

Basketball Hoop

basketball hoop for kids

Okay, now that you have a ball, do you have access to a gym or basketball court all the time? If not, you might want to consider purchasing a basketball hoop. Click below for some great options.

Click Here For A Basketball Hoop

Basketball Training Equipment

Here is a whole bunch of different kinds of training equipment for basketball. All the way from ball returners to cones to agility latters and other stamina performers. Check out the list of stuff available to assist in your child becoming better at basketball.

Click Here For Basketball Training Equipment

Click Here For All Other Basketball Items

Fun Basketball Games For Kids

Cool Basketball Video

Here is an incredibly motivating Basketball Video. If you don’t feel inspired and fired up after watching this video, there might be something wrong with you! Check it out!

[iframe: src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ width=”100%” height=”315″ scrolling=”no”]

Fun Basketball Games For Kids


Thank you so much for stopping by today! I know we covered a lot from fun basketball games for kids all the way to videos to helpful developmental programs for kids. Either way, I hope you walked away finding something that will further your love for basketball. Keep at it, your only going to get better. Stay focused in school, get good grads. Combine that with an athletic talent and schools will be fighting to have you go there, for free! You got this!

This is a site full of facts and other cool stuff, don’t hesitate to check out some of the other articles available. Ill link a couple of them below. Don’t forget to share this page with your friends! You can share it on Facebook and some other social media outlets just by using the bar over there to your left. Check out some of the pages below!

Basketball Facts For Kids

Football Facts For Kids

Baseball Facts For Kids

Fun basketball games for kids.

Basketball Facts For Kids – Fun Facts About Basketball For Kids

basketball facts for kids

Basketball Facts For Kids

Fun Facts About Basketball For Kids

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I’m excited to share with you some basketball facts for kids. Basketball is my favorite sport, hands down. I enjoy watching college basketball more than professional and the playoffs in college is the best post season in all sports. I’m sure you have heard of March madness and filling out those infamous brackets. I love how the post season get’s everyone involved, even those who have not really followed the sport all year. It’s an amazing way to create hype and bring in interest. I’m thrilled to be able to bring you some fun facts about basketball today, shall we get started?

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Baseball Facts For Kids Fun Facts About Baseball For Kids

baseball facts for kids

Baseball Facts For Kids

Fun And Interesting Facts About Baseball For Kids

Today I bring you some fun baseball facts for kids. Baseball, America’s past time. It’s one of the nations oldest and most celebrated sports. It’s a game of extreme skill. Scientists say it should be impossible to hit a baseball traveling at the speeds it does with the tiny bat that used. We have made the impossible possible with one of America’s dearest and most respected sports. Check out these fun and interesting facts about baseball for kids!

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Football Facts For Kids Fun Facts About Football For Kids

Football Facts for kids

Football Facts For Kids

Fun And Interesting Facts About Football For Kids

I should probably clear up the fact that this is based on American football facts for kids. That’s right, good old fashioned smash mouth football. It’s true that baseball is America’s past time, but it’s hard to deny that football has overtaken baseball as the nations top sports. One of the big reasons for that is fantasy football. Other sports have fantasy leagues, but football is by far the most popular. This makes people interested in games where they typically would have no interest, because their player is playing that week.

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