Fun Uranus Facts For Kids – Amazing Facts About Uranus

fun uranus facts for kids

Fun Uranus Facts For Kids

Amazing Facts About Uranus For Kids

Space, my absolute favorite topic! Today we are going to talk about one of the less discussed planets. These Uranus facts for kids will hopefully intrigue you and inspire you to earn more. These amazing facts about Uranus for kids should provide you with some amazing insight on the planets that surround us. Uranus is truly an interesting plane, and is very unlike any of the others in our solar system. So buckle up, let’s take a ride to deep space and learn some fun Uranus facts for kids!

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Neptune Facts For Kids – Interesting Facts About Neptune For Kids

fun neptune facts for kids

Neptune Facts For Kids

Interesting Facts About Neptune For Kids

I’m going to tell you about my favorite planet today, Neptune!

I love the planet Neptune because of its beautiful appearance, the glossy blue and the Great Dark Spot. I also has one of the more interesting moons in the solar system, Triton. I like looking at all the craters it is the closest moon to Neptune out of all 13 of its moons. Neptune is the ninth planet from the sun and it has a huge storm called The Great Dark Spot that is very ominous but so interesting! I have always had a fascination with outer space. Staring out into the wide open space wondering what is out there. This fascination has always drawn me to learning about the planets and different celestial bodies. One of my favorite is Neptune. Today, I am going to bring you some Neptune facts for kids!

neptune photos

Neptune Facts For Kids

Interesting Facts About Neptune For Kids

Fun Neptune Fast Facts
Moons -13
Rank- 4th out of all the planets
Type- Gas Planet
Storms- Great Dark Spot
Age- About 5.4 billion years
Size – 24,764 kilograms
Weight – 57-64.5 grams
a comparison of Neptune to Earth

Interesting Facts About Neptune For Kids

Neptune Facts For Kids

Here is the part you have been waiting for! Here ares some interesting and fun Neptune facts for kids. These are just some quick at a glance fun and amazing facts about Neptune for kids.

Fun Neptune Facts For Kids


♦ If you weigh seventy pounds on Earth you will weigh 78.5 pounds on Neptune.

♦ For a long time no one knew that Neptune was here.

♦ Neptune is the smallest out of all the gas planets in our Solar System.

♦This planet has 6 rings that go around it.

♦ Neptune has a total of 13 discovered moons with Titan being it’s largest. It is possible that there are neptunes moonsmore moons orbiting Neptune.

♦ In Neptune’s atmosphere, there is a big white cloud that moves around fast.

♦Much like Uranus and Saturn Neptune’s atmosphere has hydrogen helium and methane.

♦Neptune is the farthest planet away from us, now that Pluto is not considered an actual planet.

♦Neptune’s surface gravity is almost Earth like.

♦It has the strongest winds in the Solar System. The winds are freezing and blow 10 times faster than earths mightiest hurricane.

♦ Neptune has the most violent storms than any other planet in our solar system.

♦ Neptune is actually pretty big, it’s 4 times the size of earth. It’s not even close to as big as Jupiter, but much larger than Earth.

neptune and earth

♦ Neptune has a diameter of 29,297 miles, or 47,150 kilometers. By comparison the Earth has a diameter of 7,928 miles which is 12,760 kilometers.

♦In 1846 German astronomer, Johann Gottfried Galle, was the first to discover Neptune.

♦Since Neptune is the furthest planet from the sun, it has the longest year cycle. It takes 164.79 earth johann gottfried galle discovered neptuneyears to equal one Neptune year.

♦ In 2011 Neptune completed it’s first full orbit of the sun since it was discovered 165  years previous.

♦ Neptune has a diameter of 29,297 miles, or 47,150 kilometers. By comparison the Earth has a diameter of 7,928 miles which is 12,760 kilometers.

♦Neptune is really far from us, and the sun. In space astronomers measure distances of celestial bodies by Astronomical Units (AU). Neptune is 30.1 AU from the sun, which is a staggering 2793 million miles (4495 million kilometers) from the sun and 2700 million miles from the Earth. By comparison Earth is only 1 AU away from the sun or 93 million miles (150 million kilometers). Check out the chart below for an idea of how other planets measure up.

neptune facts for kids

Neptune Facts For kids

Cool Neptune Stuff

Fun Neptune Facts For Kids Video

Check out this great video about Neptune.

This video is pretty interesting. Goes over some of the same facts, but it’s pretty cool to see it on video. There is some other great Neptune facts for kids here as well. Enjoy!

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Neptune The God Facts For Kids

Interesting Facts About Neptune The God For Kids

neptune god facts for kids

Wait a second, I thought Neptune was Roman God? That’s right, the planet Neptune was named after the Roman God Neptune. He was the Lord of the sea and had 2 brothers. Jupiter, who was the king of all gods and Pluto, the king of the  underworld. Neptune was said to be very good looking, he had deep blue eyes and streaming green hair. He was a very powerful God, but had a terrible temper. He always seemed to be on the move.

The ancient Romans built temples to honor Neptune. The hoped to keep him happy by bringing special gifts to the statue every day.

Neptune Facts For Kids

Fun Facts About Neptune For Kids Conclusion

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope that we were able to help with your fascination with the planet Neptune. Space is such an interesting and awe inspiring place, the more we can learn the more we can understand everything about our own Earth. Neptune is a very undiscovered and mysterious planet to us right now. We hope to launch another space vehicle to explore it, but that won’t arrive for another 15 years or so. Until then, this is likely the most we will know. Again, don’t forget to share or like us on Facebook or pin us on Pinterest. Thank you so much for your time!

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Neptune Facts For Kids


Moon Facts For Kids – Interesting And Fun Facts About The Moon For Kids

moon facts for kids

The moon is a truly amazing and wondrous thing. I admire outer space, it’s scope and size completely boggles my mind. The moon is amazing because it really feels like it’s in our own back yard. The universe is such an expansive place, having the moon as our neighbor makes it feel like part of our home. We have been to the moon and sent things to the moon. I am disappointed that we have not made more attempts to get up to the moon, but the fact that we have been there is pretty cool. Continue reading