Best Gift Ideas For Kids 2013 – 13-19 Years Old Boys And Girls

Best Gift Ideas For Kids 2016

Age 13-19 Year Old Boy and Girl

It’s getting to be that time of the year! Time to start stressing out over what you’re going to get your kids and how much you want to spend. I have had a lot of parents ask me what I’m getting my kids for Christmas and realized that a lot of parents out there need help! I decided to write some articles with the best gift ideas for kids that I have found around the net that are stand outs for the 2016 holiday season.

I wanted to start by covering the teenagers in your family. This article will cover the kids in the 13-19 age bracket. It used to be that you couldn’t cover those kids all in the same article, but the way kids are advancing these days, they are already asking for the things that the older kids get. So let’s take a look at the best gift ideas for kids 2016.


Electric Scooters are in super high demand right now. They are flying off the shelves and becoming hard to find. I decided to write up the ultimate guide to buying an electric scooter for parents. I have compiled all the top rated electric scooters and reviewed them and put them on a comparison chart just for you. Check it out below!

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This list just got updated for 2016! Check out the more age specific and better gift ideas for kids pages below! You won’t be disappointing!

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Best Gift Ideas For Kids 2016 Ages 13-19

Best gift ideas for teenage boys ages 13-19

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1. Game Systems

I’m gonna start big, go big or go home, right? Do you really want to be the cool parent this holiday season? Then you need to preorder one of the new systems by Microsoft and Sony this holiday season. Both are slated to come out before Christmas this year! Trust me, if you want to be the coolest parent in the world, this will make it happen! Both of these systems are pretty expensive, so make sure you know which one your kid wants before you make the the final purchasing decision!

  • XBOX ONE – $499

best gift ideas 2013 teenage boy


The feature list on this bad boy is way too expansive for me to try and tell you about. Click on the link below to see all about it’s features and specs at Amazon!

Read Reviews And More Info About The Xbox One Click Here

  • Playstation 4 – $399

best gift ideas 2013 teenage boy playstation 4

Again, there are just too many cool features for me to try and cover in this article. I direct you once again to Amazon to read in detail about the Playstation 4.

Read Reviews And More Info About The Playstation 4 Click Here

If your kids have not got their hands on the current generation of systems, you can get the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 for deeply discounted prices this holiday season! Click the link below for prices on the older game consoles.

Click Here To See The Old Consoles

Wow, that was a long #1. Let’s take a look at some other stuff!

2. Tablet And Headphones

There are lot’s of tablets on the market right now. Some are tablet PC’s some are more basic tablets. Either way, they seem to be the craze right now! I wanted to take a few moments and show you my top 3 favorite tablets that are smoking hot with the 13-19 age kids. You can watch tv, movies and videos, you can play games, you can listen to music and even use them for school work. These amazing gadgets are taking our world by storm and every teenager are wanting one. Let’s get started!

Apple Ipad 4th Generation

The Apple Ipad is hands down the most popular tablet on the market right now. Problem is, it’s also the most expensive. When it comes down to it, you will be getting a tablet that performs the best and has the best support from it’s manufacturer. The display is absolutely stunning when watching movies or playing games. The Retina display is true HD and plays media at extremely good gift ideas for kids 13-19 years old ipad 4th generation

You have a couple of different storage options, the 16GB, 32Gb and 64GB. They all perform the same, but the storage is how you store all your different kinds of media. If there will be a lot of games, music and movies you will want to aim for the 64GB, if they do more streaming, shoot for the lower storage option.

You also have a couple different sizes. The ipad mini is 7.9 inches and the normal ipad is 9.7 inches. Not a huge difference, but the 7.9 is a lot less expensive. They also come in either black or white. Click the link below to see all the ipads, or you can scroll through the carrousel to and click any of the options to see reviews and prices on Amazon!

Click here to get ipads at an affordable price on Amazon!

Click any of the ipads below to see price and reviews!


Kindle Fire HDX

top gift ideas for kids 13-19 years old kind fire xdh

The Kindle fire was dubbed the iPad killer when it was developed and released. It’s a great tablet, but it’s not going to beat the iPad in most departments, except for price. The Kindle Fire HDX is a very capable tablet, but at a much more reasonable price. They have basically the same sizes, 16GB, 32Gb and 64GB but they are a lot more affordable. They are great at playing music, watching movies in HD, games and reading ebooks. If you are looking for a more affordable but very capable tablet the Kindle Fire HDX is probably the say to go!

You can go with the 8.9 inch version or the 7 inch version.

Click Here To See Price Info And Read Reviews For The Kindle Fire HDX!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

top gift ideas for kids 13-19 years old samsung galaxy tab 3

I wanted to include one tablet that was very capable but more affordable. The galaxy tab 3 is just that. The 7 inch model comes in at under $200 making it pretty affordable for a fully functional tablet. The screen resolutions is not full HD (it’s still pretty good though) like the Kindle Fire or the iPad. The Tab 3 will still get the job done for most casual users. They will still be able to play games, listen to music and watch movies. It uses the Android operating system, so if they use an Android phone they will be very familiar with how it all works.

The galaxy tab comes in 3 sizes, 7 inch, 8 inch and 10.1 inch. They come in white and brown, but you can get a case to protect that’s the color you want. They are 16GB but can be expanded with the purchase of a very affordable SD card. Click the link below for more info!

Click Here To See Price And Reviews Of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3!

Don’t forget the head set or ear buds to accompany the tablet. You will appreciate this part of the gift more then they probably will!

Click Here For Ear Buds

Click Here For Head Phones

3. Electric Razor Kit

Let’s face it, as the boys grow older, they start to get harrier. This can be nullified by their very first (or not) hair trimming kit! It can be exciting as a teenager to be able to shave. Little do they know how annoying it will be in the future, but let them enjoy it while they can! Check out the great selection electric razor kits Amazon has below!

best gift ideas 2013 teenage boy razor kit






Check out Electric Razor Kits on Amazon Click Here!

4. Clothes!

You’re in parent mode, I get that. One of the big rules during holidays involving gifts for younger kids is no clothes. It’s hare to transition from this mode to understanding that as your child get’s older, clothes become much more important. They will actually start appreciating clothes for presents during the holidays. Whether you have a boy or a girl, clothes are now probably a lot more popular. Check out some examples below!

Girls Clothes


Boys Clothes

5. Make Up

This one is for the ladies. This is one of the best gift ideas for a teen girl between 13-19. Whether it’s their first make up kit, or your getting them a newer better one, this is very important to them. I have found a massive assortmant of make up kits and cases, just click the link below!

Make Up Kits and Cases Click Here

best gift ideas 2013 teenage girl playstation 4


6. Amazon Gift Card

This age is really hard to shop for. Last year, I was completely stumped on what to get my 15 year old. He told me he wanted a “tablet”. Have you ever shopped for a tablet? Like many of the other popular devices on the market today, there is a lot to pick from. I decided to cop out a little bit and get my son a gift card. I thought this would be kind of lame, but wow did he love it. “You’re telling me I can just buy what I want?” Yep! Go crazy. Check out the gift card options below!

Getting someone an Amazon gift card can actually be a pretty cool experience. They have SO many options for sending customer gift cards. They can be delivered by mail, email or even Facebook.  Most options allow you to customize the card with your own picture. You really should check it out! Click the link below, gift cards can definitely be one of the best gift ideas for kids in 2013!

Click Here Now To Check Out Amazon Gift Cards

Best Gift Ideas For Kids 2013 – 13-19 Years Old Boys And Girls

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