Best Electric Scooter For 9 Year Old Boy Or Girl

Best Electric Scooter For 9 Year Old Boy Or Girl

Top Rated Electric Scooter Age 9 – 10

best electric scooter for 9 year old

I’m assuming you have arrived here because you ace looking for the best electric scooter for a 9 year old boy or girl. Honestly, this guide could help you even if you had an 8 year old or even a 10 year old. I have a 9 year old boy and just went through the processing of buying him an electric scooter. I feel I’m pretty qualified right now, to help you decide which electric scooter is best for you.

Best Electric Scooter For 9 Year Old Boy Or Girl

Before we get too far, I wanted to let you know that I have done some pretty extensive research on electric scooters for kids. I have actually finished writing an ultimate guide, you can check it out below. It’s a great guide because it has a comparison chart with 10 different electric scooters as well as a mini review of each. It’s probably all anyone would ever need to find an electric scooter for their kid.

Best Electric Scooter For Kids Ultimate Guide

For this guide, it’s much shorter, but it focuses more on electric scooters for 9 year boy or girl. When it comes down to it, in my opinion there are really just 3 different electric scooters you need to be looking at. Let’s get started.

Best Electric Scooter For 9  Year Old Boy Or Girl

Things To Consider

The main thing you want to consider is your childs comfort and skill level on a scooter. I’m assuming that you are here because you child has never had an electric scooter before.

When researching electric scooters you will see that they go 10 MPH, 12 MPH, that doesn’t seem like a big leap, but trust me it is. I had no idea how fast 10 MPH was until I saw my son riding it at full speed. The first few times I saw him on it, it scared me pretty bad! It took him a while to get the confidence to ride the scooter up to 10 MPH, but he finally did.

If you know a kid in your neighborhood, or a friend from school that has one, it may be in your best interest to schedule a play date to let your 9 year old ride one first. This will give you an idea of how much power they need and where their skill level is at. This would give you a huge advantage going into buying your 9 year old their first electric scooter.

Now that you kind of have an idea of what to do before buying the electric scooter, let’s take a look at my recommendations for the best electric scooter for 9 year old boy or girl.

Top 3 Electric Scooters For 9 Year Old Boy Or Girl

Razor E100 and E90 Electric Scooter #1 Choice


Razor E100 Our Number 1 Choice For A 9 Year Old.

The first scooter we are going to talk about today is the Razor E100 and will likely be the best choice for most people reading this article. It’s the most popular entry level electric scooter for ages 9 and up.

This scooter goes a maximum of 10 MPH and if your child is just starting on electric scooters, this should be more than enough. After riding it for a year or so, they may be ready for the next model up. But I would strong suggest getting them started on this mode. Razor does have an E90 that only goes 9 MPH, but I would recommend going with the E100 with a 9 year old boy or girl. If they were 7 or 8, the E90 might make more sense.

Keep in mind, they will have to be able to scoot the scooter to 3 MPH before they can trigger the motor to start with the grip throttle. This took my kid a few days to get the hang of, but now it’s just second nature for him. This little electric scooter really hauls though. I argued with my wife about going up to the next model up that went 12 MPH because 10 MPH didn’t sound very fast, I’m glad I didn’t for his first.

If your child is really small for their age, you may want to go with the E90, as it’s a little smaller and weighs a little less. The weight limit for the E100 and the E90 is 120 pounds. The one major advantage the E90 has over the E100 is the use time. It’s a newer model and they were able to actually double the use time from 40 minutes for the E100 to 80 full minutes for the E90.

If you want to see color options, more photos, user reviews and price information for the E90 and the E100, click below!

Click Here For The E90

Click Here For The E100

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Razor E200 age 9

Razor RX200, the off road version of the E200.

It’s pretty unlikely that your 9 year old is ready for the size and the power of the E200. The suggested age for this model is 13 years and older. It’s a little bigger and heavier and goes up to 12 MPH. I haven’t seen one in person, but based on it’s dimensions it’s a lot more scooter to handle.

The Razor E200 may be an option for you if your child is unusually large for their age, or if they have a lot of experience riding motorized vehicles. A child that regularly rides motorcycles or 4 wheelers may be more qualified to handle a larger and more powerful electric scooter.

The weight limit for the E200 is 154 pounds and you will get 40 minutes of continual use per charge.

You don’t have to manually get the scooter to 3 MPH like the E90 or E100, you can just take off from a dead stop.

There is also a model of the E200 that is made for off road use, it has special tires that make it perform much better in off road situations. This may be a choice for people that spend a lot of time camping or  in the outdoors.

You may also like the version of the E200 that has a seat. This makes it a little more safe and can make it a little more comfortable to ride. I have included links to all 3 models below.

If you would like to see price, more photos, user reviews and more details about the 3 E200 electric scooters click the links below!

Razor E200 Price, Reviews and Photos Click Here

Razor RX200 Off Road Price, Reviews and Photos Click Here

Razor E200S (Seated) Price, Reviews and Photos Click Here

Best Electric Scooter For 9 Year Old Boy Or Girl

Before we end, check out the video below, showing the assembly of the Razor E100.

I hope that you were able to decide which electric scooter was best for your 9 year old boy or girl. It actually seems pretty obvious, unless your child has a lot of riding experience. My son has had so much fun riding his electric scooter, I’m excited for your child to have that same kind of enjoyment soon!

If you have any suggestions or comments, please leave us a note in the comments below.

Also, stick around and check out some of our fun fact for kids articles, we have tons of them.

Best Electric Scooter For 9 Year Old Boy or Girl

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