Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids All Ages

best christmas gift ideas boy and girl 2014

Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2016 All Ages

Updated for 2016!

I certainly understand how hard it can be to find that perfect Christmas gift idea for kids around the holiday time. I have kids ranging from age 1 all the way up to age 17, it can be very challenging. Most of the time they will tell you which gift they want, but as a parent you always want to be able to get them a gift that they aren’t really expecting. This year we went all out and made gift idea pages for pretty much every age child you may have. We spent countless hours researching and studying which gift ideas were the best. Truth be told, we weren’t just doing it for the pages, we were doing it because we have kids too. So even though the research was tedious, it was a win win. I was able to help you and look for my kids all at the same time. This page is a directory that shows all the different 2016 Christmas gift idea pages for kids ages 2-18.

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We are hopeful that you are able to find that perfect Christmas or any other occasion gift today. Go ahead and browse below, hopefully that perfect gift will be lurking in one of the pages below! I have some other specific guides for you below as well. If you are looking for a video game buying guide or maybe the best tablet for your child, scroll to the bottom of the article to see some of the other gift buying guides!

Best Christmas Gift Ideas – Best Electric Scooter For Kids

This is a one stop shop for everything electric scooters. If you think you might get your child an electric scooter as a gift this Christmas, you must take a look at this definitive guide!

Best Electric Scooters For Kids

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Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids – Best Train Table For Kids

Train tables are a huge favorite among younger children. If you have not bought your child a train table yet, this may be the year to do it. The look on my 3 year olds face when he opened his train table on Christmas morning was priceless. Check out my difinitive guide below, showcasing all the top rated train tables for kids!

Click Here For The Ultimate Train Table Guide

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Best Christmas Gift Ideas For 2-4 Year Old Boys And Girl 2016

These are the really fun Christmas and gift years for kids. They are truly enamored in the whole process. Giddy at night, likely listening for the sound of sleigh bells or Santa trumping around the living room. This age is truly magical when it comes to Christmas. I’m hoping that we have the perfect gift idea for your child between the ages of 2-4 to help make that experience even more magical. Have fun with your little one! Have an older child? Keep reading below for more gift idea pages!

Click Here For Gift Ideas Ages 2-4 Boys And Girls


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Best Christmas Gift Ides For  5-6 Year Old Boys And Girls 2016

This is another magical  year for Christmas for your kids. It’s a tight race, but this and the year before could be the best years for Christmas. At this point your children are now seasoned veterans of Christmas, they understand what is going on and they know what to expect. Which is part of the problem, the poor little things have a very difficult time going to sleep. They are so excited for what is coming up in the morning they will likely  be up all night and spend a good time sleeping after their gifts are open. Click below to see some great gift ideas for kids ages 5-6 for this holiday season! Have older kids? No worries, there are more pages below!

Click Here For Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 5-6 Boys And Girls


christmas gift ideas for young kids


Top Christmas Gift Ideas For 7-8 Year Old Girls And Boys 2016

Another extremely fun  year for Christmas and other holidays for kids. This age is also very excited and at this point they know exactly whats going to happen! Whether they come away with a lot of presents or maybe just a few, either way they appreciate receiving gifts in the morning. They look forward to seeing what Santa brought them, but they also want to make sure he ate his cookies and drank his milk. Hopefully, none of the mean kids at school have tried to convince your kids that Santa is not real, he is! Never let those other non-believers tell them otherwise!

Click Here For Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 7-8 Girls And Boys


christmas gift ideas for young kids


Best Gift Ideas For 9-10 Year Old Boys And Girls 2016

If your child still believes in Santa and Christmas you have one smart kid! This is going to be a great year, and if they believe Santa will be sure to deliver that gift on their list. This is a fun age and if you have managed to deflect all those non believers out there its going to be another amazing year. I can’t understand why some kids don’t believe, Santa still visits our home every year and delivers presents even to our oldest kids. Santa is real and he will come if you have made the nice list and still believe! Check out some amazing gift ideas below for kids this age.

Click Here For Gift Ideas For kids Ages 9-10 Boys And Girls


christmas gift ideas 9-10 year old 2014


Top Christmas Gift Ideas For 11-12 Year Old Boy And Girl 2016

Your kids are getting older, but this is still a fun age to do Christmas. It’s getting a little more expensive and your kids are starting to get a little more picky. They still enjoy getting toys and video games, but are starting to understand the positive side of getting clothes and other non-toy items. I still think socks might bring just a little disappointment at this age :)! Check out some great gift ideas for both boys and girls age 11-12 for Christmas 2014.

Click Here For Gift Ideas Ages 11-12 Girl And Boy


best present ideas ages 11-12 in 2014


Best Christmas Gift Ideas For 13-14 Year Old Girls And Boys 2016

Kids are getting older, teenagers now oh my! Gifts are definitely starting to change a little more. I’m sure at this point your opting more for qualify over quantity. Items they are asking for are getting more and more expensive as they get older. They might have even asked for a car this year! They are definitely appreciating non-toy gifts now but at least you can always count on getting them their favorite video games. Those never seem to get old. They are probably asking for some pretty specific gifts, but there is no reason you can’t still surprise them!

Click Here For Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 13-14 Boys And Girls


2014 gift ideas ages 13-14 for christmas


Great Christmas Gift Ideas For 15-16 Year Old Boys And Girls 2016

They definitely aren’t asking for toys anymore, at least not kids toys. They are becoming more and more specific. Suddenly asking for a video game now turns into, get me this game specifically for this system and it must be this version or it won’t work. It will make your head spin and you will likely ask them to write it all down so you can hand it to the salesman and just ask for this. It’s getting harder and harder to surprise them with gifts they aren’t expecting. But it’s still possible, it may take some good active listening and detective skills by you, but it’s still more than possible. Let me help you a little bit, check out the present ideas below!

Click Here For Gift Ideas Ages 15-16 Boys And Girls


ages 5-6 gift ideas for Christmas 2014


Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas For 17-18 Year Old Girls And Boys 2016

Uh oh, they aren’t really kids anymore are they? I know it’s sad and hard to face, but they are almost adults now. They are probably looking for very specific items and they are probably not cheap. It’s getting more expensive than ever so your going to be going after quality over quantity again this year. It’s probably the hardest age to shop for if you trying to come up with that perfect surprise present for them. Don’t worry, we have you covered! Simply click the link below for some great gift ideas for kids this age.

Click Here For Gift Ideas Ages For Kids Ages 17-18 Boys And Girls


christmas gift ideas for 17-18 year old boy or girl


Other Specific Gift Idea Guides

Tablets are huge! I have made a couple different tablet guides so you can purchase the best tablet for your kid. Check out the different tablet guides below!

Best Tablets For 2-4 Year Old Boy And Girl 2014

This page is actually the gift ideas for 13-14 year olds, but the first item on the list is for the best tablets right now. It’s worth taking a look if you need some tablet help!

Click Here For The Best Tablets In 2014

Need a tablet but your on a budget, no problem! Check out my guide below that shows you all the best tablets for kids under $100! Check it out!

Best Tablets Under $100 For Kids

Video games can be very intimidating, that is why I went ahead and made a 2014 Holiday season video game buying guide to help you out. There are new systems and many new games coming out, help yourself get educated on what’s going on by clicking the link below!

2014 Holiday Video Game Buying Guide Click Here


Thank you so much for checking out these guides. I have put a lot of work into finding the best Christmas gift ideas for kids this Holiday season. I do admit that most of it was because I had to for my own kids, but I’m hoping that both of us can benefit from all that research.  I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season!


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