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I’m so happy that you have found our site! Ever since I was a kid, I have had a true passion for interesting and fun facts. On cool facts for kids, we aim to stimulate the minds of children and make them say, WOW! To learn more about why my daughter and I started this website, visit the About Us Page!

I always love the look on my daughter and son’s face when I share a new cool fun fact with them. Sometimes the facts don’t quite hit the trigger I’m looking for, but sometimes you see that imagine and wonder on their face that makes it worth it. The goal of cool facts for kids is to get that look from your kids as they search our site.

Check out any of the cool fact categories below! We are constantly adding more fun facts for kids, so please book mark us and check back! You can also read more about how this project was started below the categories!

 Fun Facts For Kids

Cool Fun Facts For Kids That Will Stun And Amaze!

Cool facts for kids started out as a project for me to teach my daughter about web design and writing. She has a huge passion for interesting and fun facts and was excited to share them with other kids. At the time I am writing this, my daughter lays down in her bed too excited to sleep, knowing that she is going to get to write her first article for the site tomorrow.

My daughter Cailyn and I welcome you to cool facts for kids with very open arms. We really hope that you enjoy everything the site has to offer. Please, enjoy the cool facts for kids above and feel free to navigate around as you see something that sparks your interest.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for us to add to the site, please click on the contact us form at the top of the page. We will consider all submissions and would love to have your input when coming up with new ideas to add to the site. We look forward to learning and exploring new ideas with you in the future!

Enjoy the random cool facts for kids below!

Cool Facts For Kids

It’s Getting Hot, Hot, Hot

The temperature of the sun’s surface is around 5500 Celsius or 9941 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not the type of weather you want to work on your tan in! From the sun to to earth, it’s about 150 million kilometers!

Dolphin! Or Wolf?

Did you know that dolphins evolved from land animals? 50 million years ago the ancestor to the dolphin looked a lot like a wolf. It used shallow waters as it’s hunting grounds and slowly over time adapted to life in water.  It’s front legs turned into flippers and back legs disappeared all together. It’s nostrils moved to the top of it’s head and the fur went away all together.

Write This Down

A normal sized tree has enough wood to make 170,000 pencils!

Alive And Kicking

There are flowering shrubs in the Mojave Desert called creosote bushes that are considered the oldest thing on earth that is still alive. They are over 12,000 years old!

Now That’s Fast!

Cheetahs are the fastest land animal and can run up to 46 miles an hour (76 kilometers per hour). That is unbelievably fast! The fastest recorded human ran 18 miles an hour (30 kilometers per hour), and that was a very fast person.

Can’t Beat That

The human heart beats about 100,000 times in a typical day, and about 36,500,000 in a year. Once you reach 30 ears of age your heart has beat around a billion (1,000,000,000) times!

Better Grab A Shovel

In one year between February 19, 1971 and February 18, 1972 there was 1224 inches (102 feet, 31.1 meters. This happened at Mount Rainier in Washington St in the United States. That’s about as deep as a normal 10 story building!

Looks Can Be Deceiving

When you look at the moon it would appear that it has been beat up more than the earth. It looks to have more craters and blemishes from being hit by space debris. The truth is, the earth also has all those scars, but it’s ability to reform it’s surface and grow over them cover this appearance up.  There are plans growing, wind blowing, earthquakes, erosion and rainfall. All these things help change the appearance of the earths surface, the moon does not have all this activity. With the moon, what you see is what you get!

Dinosaurs Rule

There was a period of over 160 million years that the dinosaurs ruled the planet. They thrived from the Triassic period which was around 230 million years ago all the way through the Jurassic period and went extinct during the end of the Cretaceous period about 65 million years ago. That’s a long time for Dino’s to live considering humans have only been around for 200,000 years, based on our discovery of the earliest fossil evidence of modern human beings.

How Big Is that Flower?

There is a plant called Rafflesia Arnoldii that produces the largest individual flower known on earth. The diameter of these flowers can reach up to 3 feet (1 meter) and weigh around 22 pounds (10kg).

Talk About A Light Weight

A person weighing 220 pounds (100kg) on earth would only weight 84 pounds (38kg) on Mars. This is due to Mars having less gravity than earth. If you really want to lose some weight, just move to Mars!

Big And Strong

Gorillas, belonging to a family of animals that include humans, apes and monkeys are the largest living primates. Weighing in at between 300-500 pounds a mature male gorilla can be over 6 feet tall and have an arm span of over 8 feet wide! Gorilla’s are also super strong, they have the strength of 4-8 powerful human men. The gorilla females are about half the size and strength of the males.

Fun Facts For Kids Video

Check out the video I made with some of the most amazing fun facts you will ever hear!

Cool Facts For Kids Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed these random facts for kids! Please, feel free to navigate around our site and enjoy all the fun and cool facts that we have compiled and put together for your viewing enjoyment. Don’t forget to send us requests through the contact us page on the fun facts for kids you would like to see us write about!

Mayan Facts For Kids – Fun Facts About The Mayan Civilization

Mayan Facts For Kids

Fun Facts About The Mayan Civilization

Mayan Facts For Kids

El Castillo at Chichen Itza

Thank you for stopping by to check out some fun Mayan facts for kids! I have always been fascinated by the ancient people that inhabited Central and South America. I’m hoping these fun facts about Mayan’s and their civilization will peak your interest and you will continue your education about these fascinating people. Not only were they incredible and mysterious in how they lived, but also how they left. No one knows for sure what happened to the Mayan civilization. They went from being extremely powerful to basically not existing. Learn more below!

You are sure to learn about the Mayan’s in school at some point, but you might as well get a jump on what you know! Let’s get started!

Fun and Fast Mayan Facts For Kids

Mayan Civilization Fast Facts
When did the Mayan’s live? – Around 2600 B.C. – That’s around 4600 years ago!
Where did the Mayan’s live? – They lived in the Yucatan. Today this are is southern Mexico, Guatemala, northern Belize and western Honduras.
What are the Mayan’s most famous for? – Astronomy, Calendar Systems and Hieroglyphic Writing
What was the population of the Mayan Civilization? – It is estimated that at it’s peak the Mayan Civilation had around 2 million people.


Fun Facts About The Mayans

Now that you know a little bit about the Mayan Civilization, let’s really dig into some fun facts about the Mayans. This is the part you have been waiting for, check out the Mayan Civilization facts for kids!

Mayan Facts For Kids

♦ By the year 250 A.D. the Mayan civilization reached it’s peak power. Their population reached as much as 2,000,000 people.

♦ They called the Yucatan home. This is in the areas of western Honduras, Guatemala, northern Belize and southern Mexico.

♦ The Mayan’s did not use a central ruler with their empire. They employed more of a city-state system of government. They had as many as 20 separate areas where each city had it’s own leader and noble class. These larger cities were supported by smaller cities in the surrounding areas. You can compare it to a city with suburbs.

fun mayan facts for kids hieroglypics

Mayan Hieroglyphs or Glyphs.

♦ The Mayan civilization is most famous for being advanced in certain areas. They developed a calendar system, used advanced hieroglyphic writing and showed incredibly developed knowledge of astronomy

♦ They were good at creating structures. Many of them are still around for people to see. They created pyramids, palaces, temples observatories and ceremonial structures. Maybe even more impressive is that they did all of this with no metal tools.

♦ They are also known for developing their own irrigation systems. They had little groundwater to work with, so they developed large underground reservoirs to store their water.

♦ The Mayans were very skilled at farming, they used their knowledge if irrigation to help them develop systems to help water their crops.

♦ Mayans were also very skilled at pottery and weaving. They thrived with trading amongst each other and would clear routes through the jungles to create trade routes.

♦ The Mayans were skilled with reading and writing with they glyph system. They created up to 800 different glyphs. Some glyphs represented sounds while others were pictures that represented words. They would chisel and record glyphs in stone and inside ancient books called Codices.

♦ Codices are an ancient book that the Mayans used to write in. The pages were a fig bark covered in white lime and the book was bound with jaguar skins. These books were important to the Mayans, they recorded their history, religion, astronomy and medicine.

mayan calendar

Mayan Calendar

♦ Mayan society was made up of classes. The bottom of the class was made up of slaves and workers, the middle class was made up of traders, craftsman and warriors the top of the class was made up of priests and nobles.

♦ The Mayan civilization was very musical and artistic. They wove beautiful fabrics and made musical instruments like castanets, horns and drums. They also carved huge statues. Their artwork was a reflection of their daily life, gods and leaders.

♦ No one knows exactly what happened to the Mayan civilization. Around 300 to 900  AD something really bad happened to the Mayans. Some popular theories are that they were invaded by an outside people, there was a major natural disaster, disease. They believe the natural disaster could have wiped out trade routes that took years to make, this would have been disastrous to their economy.

♦ By the time the Mayan’s were at their peak power, they had over 30 languages and related dialects.

♦ The Mayans thrived for over 2,000 years.

♦ Mayans would take bark of the blache tree and fermented honey to create their most popular drink the Blache.

♦ Mayans would use sauna style sweat baths to help purify their body. It was common belief that this practice helped purify them.

♦ Mayan culture was very religious. They practiced human sacrifice for medical and religious purposes.

♦ Complex tattoos were common among both men and women in Mayan culture.

fun facts about the mayan civilization

Mayan Facts For Kids – Interesting Facts About Mayan Civilization

Check out the video below to watch some more fun facts about the Mayans. This is a very entertaining and fun video to watch.

Fun Mayan Facts For Kids – Conclusion

Thank you for stopping by, we greatly appreciate it! I hope that you had the opportunity to really learn something about the Mayan culture today. There is much more to learn, please don’t let your curiosity about the Mayan civilization stop here! Keep exploring and learning about this fascinating and wonderful culture.

Hopefully you will walk away from this article with much more knowledge about the Mayans than you had before you arrived. If you enjoyed the article, please don’t hesitate to give us a like or a share with your favorite social media site. We would really appreciate it!

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Mayan Facts For Kids


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